About Me


Learn from my mistakes..

 I was a slave to the scale from the age of 15.


I tried every diet going & I hated the way I looked which led to a 10 year battle with binge eating & overly restricting.  At age 26 I decided enough was enough. If I was going to get out of this rut I needed to learn, stop the fads, & stop wasting time & money on diets that were leaving me confused & feeling like I was a failure.


I left my senior management job within General Practice & went on to requalify as a Nutritionist & Personal Trainer. 


Now at the age of 33 I'm free of the yo-yo diet cycle & as a result am in the best shape of my life & get the absolute pleasure of sharing my education with other women all over the world to help them do the same. 


In the years I've been doing this job I've helped hundreds of women achieve their goals & improve not only their body but their relationship with food. This is key in making sure you can maintain those changes for life. It just takes knowledge, patience & the willingness to make a little effort each day. 


My motto - Appreciate the body you're in whilst working for the body you want! 


If you're ready to start that journey & see changes for good then stop wasting time & start today. 

My passion lies in showing women that nutrition doesn't have to be complicated.

When people ask me what I do I say "I teach people how to eat".

Sounds a bit strange, but so many of us get stuck in the diet world that we've forgotten what "normal" eating looks like!

If you're looking for a quick fix, I'm not the coach for you - anyone can get someone to drop weight by eliminating carbs & putting in hours of cardio but in my mind, if a client can't maintain those changes long term then my plan has failed them. I want to show you how you can tweak your current lifestyle to get the body that helps you look & feel your best. No fads, no quick fixes. Just educated, sensible solutions to the problems that have caused you to "fail" at your diet in the past.

If you're sick of being on & off of diets & are ready to make a long-lasting transformation then join my team today. 

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