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Don't need full coaching just help with your training? We've got you! We're offering an 8 week training programme written specifically for you & your goals. 


If you're fed up of spending hours in the gym & not seeing the progression you'd like - this is what you need! Generic plans are great - but they might not be right for your unique needs. 


How it works:

1. You buy the programme through the shop. 

2. You complete our training & health questionnaires. 

3. You book your consultation call with myself or my coaching team so we can find out about you, your gym (or home workout set up) & your specific goals. 

4. We write you a progressive 8 week training plan to stop you making the same mistakes in the gym & get you where you need to be! 


These plans are capped so first come, first served. 


(Please note, once you've purchased payments are non-refundable). 

8 Week CUSTOM training programme

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