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Meet the GirlGainz Team

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Hi! I'm Laura

My passion lies in showing women that nutrition doesn't have to be complicated.

When people ask me what I do I say "I teach people how to eat".

Sounds a bit strange, but so many of us get stuck in the diet world that we've forgotten what "normal" eating looks like!

If you're looking for a quick fix, I'm not the coach for you - anyone can get someone to drop weight by eliminating carbs & putting in hours of cardio but in my mind, if a client can't maintain those changes long term then my plan has failed them. I want to show you how you can tweak your current lifestyle to get the body that helps you look & feel your best. No fads, no quick fixes. Just educated, sensible solutions to the problems that have caused you to "fail" at your diet in the past.

If you're sick of being on & off of diets & are ready to make a long-lasting transformation then join my team today. 


Hi! I'm Lucy

For many years I was unhappy with how I looked and how I felt. I tried every fad diet out there in the hope of changing myself. I starved myself and exercised because I wanted to lose weight and hated every moment of it. Needless to say I only kept this up for a couple of weeks at a time, then quit, feeling more miserable and lost each time. 


One day I decided that I was done hating my body. That I didn’t want to ever feel that bad about myself again. I learnt about nutrition. I started fuelling my body properly, eating the foods that made me feel good. I tried resistance training. I was hooked. I fell in love with discovering the amazing things my body was capable of. This new found passion lead me to a career in Personal Training and Nutrition - something I once thought was just a pipe dream!


I believe that good coaching starts with compassion. It is not good enough to simply tell someone to “do more” or that they “just don’t want it enough”. Lifestyle change takes time, but with the right knowledge, guidance and understanding it is possible to make sustainable and healthy changes that will last a lifetime. 


I never thought I’d get to a stage in my life where I can wholeheartedly and confidently say I love and appreciate my body and everything it does for me. And even better, I love that every day I get the chance to help other women feel that way about themselves too. 


I originally joined the GirlGainz team as a client of Laura’s & now I’m proud to be helping other women in their journey to finding their happy body!


Hi, I'm Chloe

I struggled with my body image for longer than I wish to admit, I would exercise daily, sometimes twice, I wouldn’t be eating enough to fuel those sessions and my body would hardly change, I then ended up back at square one. It was a never-ending cycle which I couldn’t see a way out of. Why could I not get my dream body would be a question I would regularly ask myself. I then got diagnosed with Crohns disease, which knocked my confidence A LOT. 


However, this all started to change when I became aware of nutrition and how it could benefit me and my goals. I started lifting weights and focused on good nutrition, I stopped comparing myself to others and started doing it for me. I did what I could do. It was then I realised my true passion for fitness, it wasn’t about what I weighed anymore, it was about the progression in my strength, my endurance, my physical health and how it made me feel mentally, the physique changes were a bonus!


I then went on to compete successfully for two years in bodybuilding competitions as a bikini athlete, with Laura as my coach. It was through competing I gained more experience of training and nutrition and how to fuel my body efficiently, macro tracking was second nature. It was coming away from competing which brought its own new challenges, I didn’t understand how to have ‘balance’ anymore, I couldn’t go a day without tracking or missing a training session, and whilst I loved doing that, I craved more balance, Laura and I worked tirelessly to achieve this.


And that’s what I managed to do, I have finally found my balance and I’m here to help you do the same! 


Fitness is my passion but its not my whole life anymore, I’m now in the position I always wanted to be in, proud of my physique, experienced & qualified with nutrition but also living my life to the fullest. If this is something that you want for yourself then get started today!

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