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BACK FOR 2024! 🎉 This is not just another January detox, fat loss "challenge" or 8 week shred! 


Fed up of spending year after year starting a new diet plan? 


Losing some weight & then putting it all back on again? 


Want to learn how to do it the right way? 


To have an approach to eating that keeps the weight off? 


I've got you. 


I've been helping women successfully lose weight through my 1:1 online coaching for the last 9 years. 


I've taken the principles I use with my 1:1 clients & condensed them into an 8-week programme designed to show you how to lose weight & keep it off - & I'll be keeping you accountable the whole way through. 


You'll get 8 weeks of coaching including: 


🔸 Full calculation of your calorie requirements 

🔸 Weekly check-ins & adjustments from me & my team of expert coaches. 

🔸 A full 8-week training programme (including both home & gym workouts).  

🔸 A system to track your progress (that doesn't include obsessing over the scales). 

🔸 Full support in our Facebook group including weekly live calls to answer all of your questions.

🔸 Example recipes & meal ideas. 

🔸 & (the thing that's missing from other January detox programmes!) --> Education to make sure you can keep the weight off! 


No fads, no bullsh*t, just expert nutritional advice to make sure you understand WHY your diet is working so that you can do it the right way this January, stop the yoyo diet cycle & see the results you want to see. 


I repeat - We start on Monday 8th January!


(Please note, if you drop out before the start date payments are non refundable).

8 Week Group Coaching Programme.

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