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Biscoff Protein Balls

Biscoff spread is very quickly catching up with Nutella for the place of my favourite spread! So much so that I had to get it into a protein ball recipe so I could enjoy it every day.

Coated in crumbly, caramelised biscuit these balls are truly delicious & for less than 60 calories a piece, they're a must make!

Servings: Makes 10 Balls

Macros per Ball: 58kcal / 4g protein / 6.5g carbs / 1.8g fat / 0.5g fibre


30g oats

40g caramel or vanilla protein powder

30g Biscoff Spread

20g honey

2 Biscoff Biscuits

Optional - calorie free caramel syrup (can be replaced with water)


1. Add oats, protein powder, Biscoff spread & honey into a blender & mix well

2. Add 1 tbsp calorie free syrup & 1 tsp water & blend until mix sticks together (careful not to make it too wet).

3. Crumble the 2 biscuits onto a plate.

4. Scoop out mix using a teaspoon, roll into a ball & then roll in crumbled biscuit to coat.

5. Eat! :-)

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