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How to Lose Weight Fast!

I'm guessing at least one of you will be thinking this post December food bender & ahead of New Years' celebrations.

And once upon a time I definitely typed "how to lose weight in 2 days" into Google 😅.

Firstly, let's be clear... the only way to truly lose body fat is to be in a calorie deficit for an extended period. And anyone who tells you there's a magic pill or potion to drop body fat quickly is (sadly) lying to you.

BUT there are a few things you can do to at least make you feel a bit better if all of the extra Christmas food & drink has left you feeling a tad bloated & sluggish.

So, as a nutritionist, ex bikini athlete & fitness model I thought I would share some of the little secrets I've learned over the years to drop bloat fast.

These are some of the things that I will do:

#1 - Drink plenty of water.

It might seem counterintuitive to drink more water when you're feeling bloated but dehydration actually causes water retention, bloating & constipation (I know it's gross but think about it, water keeps everything flushing through if you get my drift...).

Adding on an extra litre from the amount you normally drink is a good starting point.

#2 - MOVE!

Go & get a sweat on. Exercise helps digestion & boosts mood.

I actually really enjoy getting a good sweat on on the stairmaster or treadmill when i'm feeling well fuelled from more food. Just remember to drink plenty of water during & after your session, especially if (like me) eating & drinking more turns you into a sweaty b*tch 😂.

If you don't have extra time to get in the gym, something simple like setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier & getting out for an extra walk can really help too.

#3 - Load up on vitamins

If you've been slack on your supplement regime, now's the time to pick it up again.

I start every day with a Berocca when i'm feeling a bit "meh" - again, not essential (& I can't quote you any studies on Berocca so don't come at me) but chances are starting the day with a load of water & vitamins won't cause you any harm & will most likely make you feel a lot better.

#4 - Reduce your salt intake

When you consume too much salt, your body retains fluid to dilute the excess sodium. You don't have to banish all salt from your life (you need some!) but just be mindful of this. If you've been going harder on processed food lately, try sticking to more whole foods & lightly salt them.

#5 - (Temporarily!) Reduce your carb intake (particularly sugary/processed carbs)

Carbs are WONDERFUL & they're very important for fuelling your brain & exercise (if you don't know why go check out my free macronutrient guide HERE), so I need to be very clear that this is only a temporary measure!

Focus on basing most of your meals around vegetables & complex carbohydrates for a few days & remove the carbohydrates completely from at least one meal in your day.

For example I'd do something like this:

Breakfast - egg white omelette with veggies OR (if training) oats with a scoop of protein powder & a few blueberries.

Lunch - Chicken & vegetables with avocado & a small portion sweet potato or brown rice.

Dinner - Vegetable soup with shredded chicken.

Snacks - Cut up veggies & homous or a protein yoghurt/shake.

Note how I'm not starving myself or doing any crazy detox or fast. I'll still make sure eat at my regular times but I'm simply tweaking meals to focus more on colour & nutrients & less on processed or sugary foods.

My usual diet would not be this depressing & contain a lot more variety 😂. I'd probably do this for a few days, just til I felt better.

You do not have to eat like this to stay in shape (just ask my clients they like me enjoy wine & pizza 💁🏻‍♀️) but if you want to feel tighter & drop a bit of water quickly ahead of an event or special occassion, these things can help.

Or if you're serious about losing fat properly & want support & accountability from a team of women all doing it with you - then the next intake of our 8 week fat loss programme is starting on 9 January!

You'll get 8 weeks of coaching including:

🔸 Full calculation of your calorie requirements

🔸 Weekly check-ins & adjustments from me & my team of expert coaches.

🔸 A full 8-week training programme (including both home & gym workouts).

🔸 A system to track your progress (that doesn't include obsessing over the scales).

🔸 Full support in our Facebook group including weekly live calls to answer all of your questions.

🔸 Example recipes & meal ideas.

🔸 & (the thing that's missing from other January detox programmes!) --> Education to make sure you can keep the weight off!

For full details CLICK HERE.

Laura :)

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