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Chocolate-Raspberry Frozen Yoghurt Cake

A new take on frozen yoghurt...make it into a cake. In my current bikini competition prep i'm absolutely loving all things frozen, not just because it cools me down in the sunny weather but also because they take a while to eat so I get to enjoy them for longer!

This frozen yoghurt cake is so simple to make & is super low fat & calorie. In fact you get a quarter of the whole cake (which is standard large cheesecake size) for less than 100 calories & 0.5 fat! With a decent 10g protein per serving too it's a pretty diet friendly snack - even if you're in contest prep!

The macros below are for the whole cake so to get the macros for your slice just divide the total by the number of portions you're having.

Servings: As many as you want to slice it into (cake needs 20mins out of freezer before slicing)

Macros (for the whole cake!): 372kcal / 40g protein / 50g carbs / 2g fat