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Chocolate Orange Protein Donuts

If you've followed my last couple of recipes you will know I've recently discovered a new low calorie chocolate spread that has transformed the taste & calorie count of my chocolate recipes.

This week I put it to the test in the form of donuts & it did not let me down!

These donuts are only 20 calories each. Now because they are low fat I wouldn't recommend eating them without the glaze as they may be a little dry but if you don't fancy the glaze then they're fab served warm with a little low calorie ice cream....I personally recommend Halo Top... it's recently come to the UK & I can honestly say for the calorie difference I wouldn't bother with Ben & Jerrys again.

Remember, like all of my protein recipes the quality of the protein powder you use will dramatically change the end result. I covered this as well as the donut maker & tray I use in my most recent YouTube video.