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Apple Filled Protein Muffins

There's a little coffee shop in Bath where I live that sells the most incredible apple filled muffins so I thought i'd see if I could recreate a version which was a little more calorie friendly.

As well as being only 110 calories a muffin (meaning you could eat 4 for the same number of calories as the apple muffin in that shop...) they're gluten free & pack a little protein hit too.

As discussed in my recent YouTube video, the quality of the baking powder you use in this will dramatically change the end result of the muffins. To keep mine super soft I use vanilla Bio Whey from Genetic Supplements, it's a much finer protein powder & the taste is much sweeter. After watching my YouTube review Genetic were kind enough t offer a 10% discount on all purchases made through this website, CLICK HERE to shop.

I don't make any money through this link by the way, i just genuinely think it's a great product!

In these muffins I also used a cinnamon-apple low calorie baking powder from Franky's Bakery. Again, if you've been following my "Full Day of Eating" videos on YouTube you'll know how much I love this product. It's not essential for this recipe but the end result is much better with it.