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Sticky Toffee Protein Pudding

With the colder weather creeping in thought it would be a good time to post a healthy, stodgy, satisfying dessert. The best bit is this one only contains 4 ingredients so it's super easy to make!

Based mostly around dates & sweet potato, this pudding is low in fat & packed with vitamins & fibre (& not to mention completely delicious!).

I’ve been having mine warm with protein ice cream after a roast dinner, but it also works amazingly well for breakfast with some vanilla yoghurt & Walden Farms sugar free caramel sauce.

Serves 8:

Macros (per serving)

248kcal/ 20g protein/ 3g fat/ 36g carbs/ 3g fibre


200g oats (regular or gluten free)

500g sweet potato

160g vanilla whey protein

75g medjool dates


  1. Preheat oven to 180°C

  2. Peel, chop & boil sweet potato

  3. Remove stones from dates & leave to soak for 5-10mins in boiling water

  4. Once soaked drain dates & blend into “paste” in blen