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Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

After the success of the 3 ingredient breakfast cookies, I thought I’d share another cookie recipe with you. This one is less of a breakfast cookie & more of a gooey dunk in your mid-morning coffee or have with a cold glass of milk before bed biscuit!

These are made using flaxseed, an amazing source of healthy fats & fibre (most large supermarkets stock this now). In case you’re stuck finding it, it’s usually kept near the breakfast cereals (thought that would be a useful tip as when I was trying to hunt it down in my local supermarket I was given a 10 minute tour by the “helpful” employee who also didn’t have a clue where it was….in fact I’m not overly convinced she even knew what it was!)

This one’s gluten free, really quick to make, & with just over 120 calories, 11g protein & 2.5g fibre per biscuit it’s a pretty macro friendly treat but If you want to lower the fat content further you can just switch out all/some of the chocolate chips for some raisins or other dried fruit. To make the recipe vegan just change the whey for a vegan protein powder.

Makes 8 large cookies.

Macros per cookie*:

124kcal/ 11g protein/ 4.5g fat/ 9g carbs/ 2.5g fibre