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English Cream Tea Pancakes

Throughout my prep I was craving a traditional English Cream Tea - Jam..scones..clotted cream - the works!

As delicious as a traditional cream tea is as a treat, it's not really something you can fit into your diet every day, therefore I decided to create a more diet-friendly version with these cream tea inspired pancakes! These are actually the highest in protein content of all of my pancake recipes to date too.

For the jam, I used a sugar free strawberry syrup (to keep the carbs) down but feel free to replace for full/reduced sugar jam if you prefer! Alternatively you can make your own strawberry syrup like the one I made for my Valentine's pancake recipe HERE.

Serving Size: Makes 1 stack

Macros per serving:

411kcal / 59g protein / 31.2g carbs / 4.4g fat


30g oats (regular or gluten free)

40g vanilla protein powder (split into 2 portions of 20g)