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Twirl Protein Truffles

Here it is! My favourite protein ball to date (I know I say that every time but this one is a firm favourite with my nearest & dearest too!).

Gooey in the middle & covered in crumbly, flaky chocolate these balls seem way too indulgent to only contain 72 calories each!

Servings: Makes 8 Truffles

Macros per Truffle: 72kcal / 5g protein / 8g carbs / 2.2g fat / 1g fibre


1 Cadbury's Twirl bar (42g)

30g oats (regular or gluten free)

40g vanilla/chocolate protein powder

2 tbsp Chocolate Nesquick (or other hot chocolate powder of choice)

10g Choc Shot

10g sugar free chocolate syrup (optional - if not using this add 1tbsp water)


1. Crumble one Twirl onto a plate & set aside.

2. Place all other ingredients in blender & mix well until a gooey mix is formed (be careful this is not too wet - you'll need to be able to roll it into balls- if adding water do it gradually).

3. Scoop out mix using a spoon & roll into balls.

4. Roll each ball into the crumbled Twirl to coat.

5. Eat! :-)

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