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Red Velvet Protein Waffles

I thought I'd try my hand at something new so I made my first batch of protein waffles using my new waffle maker. If you don't have a waffle maker you can use a waffle tray, available online or from most baking shops.

I can confirm they were delicious! So much so that i've already created a list of 15 flavour combinations I plan to make.

These ones were red velvet flavour & were topped with delicious milk chocolate chips, light cream & sliced strawberries (as I now have a few more fats to play with than I did previously!) but i've put the macros below for just the base waffles in case you want them plain to save on calories. Or you can make a "skinnier" version using fat free Greek Yoghurt & Choc Shot (trust me they'll still be as delicious!).

Servings: Makes 1 large waffle

Macros (without toppings but with Glaze):

389kcal / 42g protein/ 31g carbs / 8.5g fat / 10g fibre

Macros (with toppings & Glaze):

492kcal / 43g protein/ 41g carbs / 15g fat / 10.5g fibre