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Super Skinny Pancakes

I absolutely LOVE the festive season, the extra meals out, social occasions & drinks with family & friends. However, these can soon make the calories (& your waistline!) creep up if not kept in check.

One of the strategies I use to stay within my overall calorie targets for the day when eating out is to save the majority of my calories for the evening.

I have a much lower calorie breakfast & lunch, that way I know I can indulge a little more when it matters & still stay within my targets for the day. When eating out meals can tend to be lower in protein & higher in fats too so I also try & account for this by keeping the protein high & fats low in my breakfast & lunch too.

I also use this strategy with my clients too & very often they'll ask for ideas of low fat, high protein breakfasts they could have & this is one I share with them. These super skinny pancakes contain just 240 calories & a decent 40g protein serving to set you up for the day.

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Servings: Makes 1 stack