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"Free From" Brownies

Having a food intolerance or allergy can suck at times. Anyone with an intolerance will know the feeling of sitting across the table from someone tucking into a big dessert & thinking "if only".

This brownie recipe is for everyone. It's gluten free, dairy free & suitable for vegans too. It's also relatively "diet friendly" in comparison to other brownies meaning you can have a little whilst watching your waistline too.

My favourite way to have this is warm & gooey from the oven but if you fancy making a big batch then keep in an airtight tub for up to 4 days, or freeze for up to 1 month (just make sure you defrost them thoroughly before eating!). They travel well in tupperware too so you can sneak them into your favourite coffee shop meaning you don't have to miss out when everyone else has a cake.

Try serving with some dairy free ice cream for an extra level of indulgence!

Servings: Makes 18 squares

Macros per square:

65kcal / 1.5g protein / 9g carbs / 2g fat / 2.5g fibre