Blackberry Pie Cakey Oats

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that i've been having this breakfast pretty much every day at the moment! If you fancy your oats a little less soggy & a little more cake like then this could be the breakfast for you.

If blackberries aren't your thing you can substitute them for any other berry of choice.

Servings: Makes 1 bowl

Macros per bowl: 27g protein / 30g carbs / 4.5g fat / 7g fibre


40g oats

1 scoop vanilla whey

70g blackberries

150ml water

1/2 tsp baking powder


1. Mix oats, whey & water together by gently folding them (this allows more air into the mixture).

2. Add in blackberries.

3. Microwave for 2 mins (based on an 850w microwave)

4. Eat! :-)

Tip: Try topping with custard for a healthy dessert.

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