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Raspberry & White Chocolate Donuts

Couldn't resist making a pink, girly donut using one of my favourite flavours, raspberry & white chocolate (yum!).

I invested in a donut maker to make these but you can make them using a regular donut mould in the oven. If you're a big donut fan it is definitely worth investing in a donut maker though as in my opinion it really does make a huge difference to the end result. You can buy one HERE.

Like all of my donuts, these ones are gluten free too. If you don't mind upping the fat content a bit you could always fill them with a bit of extra melted white chocolate in the middle too (just push some extra stars or chocolate buttons into the middle before baking). Alternatively, slice in half & fill with some white chocolate Muscle Mousse for a cream filling!

Servings: Makes 9 mini donuts

Macros per donut:

62kcal / 6g protein / 4g carbs / 2g fat / 1.7g fibre