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Protein Caramel Shortbread

It's here!

For months I have been trying to recreate a lower calorie/higher protein version of one of my favourite cake slices - a caramel shortbread & after MANY failed attempts i've finally cracked it.

If you're craving something sweet this one really hits the spot & unlike regular shortbread it's gluten free too.

The caramel topping is made from light condensed milk. In order to create the caramel you need to boil the milk. This part is a little time consuming - as it needs to be boiled for 2-3 hours. You can either do this by heating the whole can (unopened) in a saucepan of water on the hob, or (as I did) in the oven. The recipe requires you to use part of the milk in the base so if you only want to use one can then pour the remaining milk into a small bowl, place that bowl in a larger bowl filled with water, cover with tin foil & place in the oven at 150C for 1.5-2 hours.

NOTE - Make sure it's light condensed milk you're using otherwise the shortbread won't be quite so diet friendly!

The chocolate layer on these shortbreads is made from melted milk chocolate chips. If you wanted to make the shortbreads even "skinnier" omit half of the chocolate chips for 30g "Choc Shot" (a hot chocolate syrup found in the hot chocolate section of most supermarkets). If you've made my other recipes before it's likely you'll already have some of this stuff knocking around in your cupboards.

Servings: Makes 20 shortbread bites (can be cut into larger slabs as desired)

Macros per square: 86kcal / 4.5g protein / 14g carbs / 1.3g fat / 0.5g fibre


400g LIGHT condensed milk

60g vanilla protein powder

80g oats (regular or gluten free)

1 tbsp honey

50g milk chocolate chips

Fry Light Butter Spray (must be the butter one to give the shortbread it's buttery flavour)

1. Set aside 150g condensed milk.

2. Turn remaining condensed milk into caramel (using instructions above).

3. Whilst the caramel is cooking, make the base - In a food processor blend oats & protein powder together to form a "flour".

4. Add condensed milk, honey & 20 sprays of Fry Light Butter spray & blend until stuck together.

5. Press the base into the bottom of a square tin. Line with baking paper for easy removal or use a disposable foil tray (I use the disposable tray as it saves washing up!).

6. Place base into fridge to set.

7. Once the caramel is ready, set aside for 5 minutes to cool.

8. Pour caramel on top of base & place in fridge to set for a further 5 minutes.

9. Melt chocolate chips in microwave & pour over top of caramel layer.

10. Place in the fridge for 1-2 hours (or until chocolate is fully set).

11. Slice into desired number of chunks & eat! :-)

To see a video of the finished product click HERE

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