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3 Ingredient Protein Truffles

3 ingredients are all you need to make these delicious chocolate protein truffles!

Now they're not a full blown belgian truffle but they certainly take the edge off for dieters craving something gooey & chocolatey! They taste really rich but only contain 60 calories & 2g carbs per ball!

The protein powder you use in these truffles will really make a difference to the end result so make sure you use a good quality one with a rich chocolate flavour. If your protein powder is a little on the "milky" side then you can always bring out the flavour by adding a teaspoon of cocoa powder to the mix.

Servings: Makes 7 truffles

Macros per truffle: 60kcal / 5g protein / 2g carbs / 4g fat


30g chocolate protein powder

30g almond butter

20g dark chocolate (I used Green & Blacks 80% cocoa)

Add ins - 1 tbsp water


1. Melt almond butter & chocolate together in a mug in the microwave.

2. Using a small food processor or mini chopper, mix together the protein powder, water & melted mixture until mix sticks together. (If you only have a big food processor increase the quantities & make a double batch - the mixture will not bind together properly if it has too much space to move around).

3. If the mix is not sticking together, add water a TINY bit at a time until it does.

4. Scoop out mix using a spoon & roll into balls.

5. Eat! :-)

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